Databrid - SQL Tool

Important information - read first

Databrid is no longer developed or supported. Here you can find the Download files and the Documentation. You can use those on your own with no guarantee and no support.

Supported alternative SQL tools

If you are looking for a current SQL tool, here are a few suggestions that you can consider to help you in your sysadmin work:

Recommended web hosting providers for SQL managing:

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What is Databrid:

Databrid is a powerful tool that provides easy access to data and manipulation of data within an Oracle™ or MySql database. If you are a DBA, Developer, Analyst or anyone that uses an Oracle™ database, then Databrid's many useful features will help increase your productivity.

For an outline of features please visit the Features page or view the online Help for full details of Databrid's functionality.

News and long from release versions:

Databrid 1.6.1 Release - 09 Mar 2010

Databrid 1.6.1 is now ready for download.
Features Include:

Databrid 1.6 Release - 24 Feb 2010

Databrid 1.6 is now ready for download.
Features Include:

Databrid 1.5.2 update - 9 Apr 2009

Databrid 1.5.2 released to fix small bugs with commit, rollback not initially showing, Save As not setting tab name, multi-row table copy not working properly and count records not always working. Enjoy!

Databrid 1.5.1 update - 29 Mar 2009

Databrid 1.5.1 released to fix small bug when installing Databrid in a new Environment.

Databrid 1.5 Release - 26 Mar 2009

Databrid 1.5 is here at last. A few problems in testing have delayed the release but it is now ready to go.
Features Include:

Databrid 1.5 update - 2 Feb 2009

Databrid 1.5 will be released in late Feb 2008 assuming testing goes well.

Databrid 1.4 Released 28 Jan 2008

Databrid 1.4 has been released. New features include:

Databrid 1.4 update - 14 December 2007

Databrid 1.4 will be released in late Jan 2008 assuming testing goes well. Have a good christmas.

Databrid 1.3.1 Released 11th August 2007

Bug fix release. Corrected the following two issues:

Databrid 1.3 Released 25th July 2007

New features include:

Run Error Fixed - 14 Feb 2007

Fixed problem with Databrid loading. Some of the minor sub-packages were compiled with the wrong version and hence caused problems when running. This would generally only be a problem if you were running Java 1.4. Also fixed problem with the batch file (windows only) that would do nothing if you ran through the shortcut. If you can run Databrid successfully then there is no need to get the next version.

Databrid 1.2 Released 10th Nov 2006

New features include:

Fixed Mozilla Bug 8th March 2006

Fixed a bug that would stop Mozilla users from downloading or registering.

Release 1.2 Development Started - 9th Feb 2006

I have started on the development of release 1.2. Some of the included changes include support for MySql databases and auto completion in sql statements. If you have any idea or features that you think would be good please let me know (see the Contact Us web page).

New Web Page - 9th Feb 2006

Today I released an updated version of the Databrid website.

New Release (1st December 2005)

Release 1.1 has been released. It includes a few bug fixes and some usability enhancements. Details are in the Readme file.

Initial Release - August 2005

Databrid version 1.0 released for download.